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Shandong Academy of Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine, affiliated to Shandong First Medical University (Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences), was founded in October 1959, formerly known as "Shandong Institute of Occupational Health and Disease", and merged with "Shandong Institute of Petrochemical Occupational Disease Prevention" in July 2004 to form Provincial Institute of Occupational Disease Prevention. The address is No. 17 Yuxing Road and No. 18877 Jingshi Road, Lixia District, Jinan City. The Occupational Disease Hospital affiliated to Shandong First Medical University (Shandong Occupational Disease Hospital) is the first third-class A occupational disease specialist hospital in China.

South courtyard

There are occupational poisoning department, occupational pulmonary disease department, physical factors department, rehabilitation department, nephrology department, psychology department and other wards, with 240 beds. There are occupational health examination center, health management center, radiology department, special examination department and other medical and technical departments. Besides, the hospital has expanded the department of surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, stomatology, and digestive endoscopy with the advantage of technology in the diagnosis and treatment of occupational-related diseases.

North Courtyard District

Toxicology Research Center has SPF grade barrier animal room 600㎡, ordinary animal room 200㎡, auxiliary laboratory about 1000㎡, with the National Health Commission "chemical toxicity identification qualification" and Shandong Province "Health related product toxicity identification qualification".

It mainly undertakes the detection, inspection analysis and evaluation of various occupational health and occupational harmful factors such as dust, poisons and physical damage in the production sites of factories and mines in the province; Toxicological experiments, toxicity identification and safety evaluation of chemicals and disinfection products; Occupational disease hazard evaluation of industrial enterprise construction projects; Occupational health monitoring; Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, identification of various occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis, occupational poisoning, occupational frequent diseases, consultation of difficult occupational cases and rescue of major occupational poisoning accidents; Responsible for the training and teaching of health toxicology, occupational health and occupational disease master students; Carry out technical research on occupational health and prevention of occupational diseases; To organize professional training and technical guidance for provincial occupational health and occupational disease prevention professionals.

It has a national occupational disease clinical key specialist construction unit. The first batch of key disciplines of medicine and health of the Provincial Health and Health Commission (Labor health and environmental health, health toxicology), the first batch of key laboratories of medicine and health (occupational health), Shandong Province clinical quality specialty (Occupational Pulmonary disease). It has established the National Mobile Poisoning Emergency Response Center (Shandong), Shandong Chemical Poisoning Medical Treatment Base, Shandong Occupational Health Technology Quality Control Center, Shandong Occupational Health Examination and Occupational Disease Diagnosis Technology Quality Control Center, Shandong Occupational Disease Prevention Training Center, Shandong Occupational Disease Clinical Quality Control Center, and Shandong Occupational Disease Hazard Engineering Prevention Nursing Technology Center, Jinan Clinical Medical Research Center for Pneumoconiosis. It is the affiliated unit of Shandong Occupational Health Association, Shandong Preventive Medical Association Labor Health and Occupational Disease Branch and Health Toxicology Branch.

It has the qualification of occupational health technical service institution, radiological health technical service institution, measurement certification qualification of inspection and testing institution, chemical toxicity appraisal qualification, disinfection product toxicity appraisal institution qualification, security and confidentiality qualification of military-related secret business consulting service, occupational health examination, occupational disease diagnosis and other qualifications.

Since its establishment, under the care and guidance of leaders at all levels, Shandong Provincial Institute of Occupational Health and occupational disease Prevention has done a lot of work and made remarkable achievements in occupational health and occupational disease prevention, treatment, teaching, scientific research and technical services. It has made important contributions to protecting workers' occupational health and promoting economic development, and has been fully affirmed by governments at all levels and superior authorities. It has been awarded the "National Provincial Vocational prevention Institute (Institute) assessment comprehensive work advanced Award", "National Pneumoconiosis epidemiological Investigation and research Award", "National occupational health work advanced collective", "Provincial civilized units", "provincial health system advanced collective", "Provincial health prevention and control work advanced collective", "Provincial disease control work advanced collective", "Occupational health technical service institutions advanced "Collective", "Shandong Province Health Emergency skills Competition group first prize" and other more than 100 awards.